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Daily sketches from cartoonists Keith McCaffety, Matt Olson, Tess Fowler and Penny

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Wonder Woman - by pennyloafing http://pennyloafing.tumblr.com/
Alyssia in new armor, inspired by Batgirl - by Matt https://www.facebook.com/pages/InterGALactic-Alyssia/133246010045769
Fast Food Heaven - a wallpaper by pennyloafing https://twitter.com/pennyloafing/status/487791012757405696/photo/1
Insomnia - by Matt https://www.facebook.com/mattolsonart
The Will & Lying Cat - by Tess https://www.facebook.com/DinkInc
Magic selfie - by pennyloafing http://pennyloafing.tumblr.com/post/90408873152/sparklermonthly-how-i-feel-when-i-share-comic
amymebberson and Tink - by Keith
misschrissylynn - by Tess Fowler https://www.facebook.com/tessfowler7


I’m not an artist, but I have more than a few friends who are, so I thought this might be a good thing to post. 

Eugene the Jeep - by Keith
Tink - by Tess https://www.facebook.com/DinkInc
warm-up sketch - by Tess https://www.facebook.com/DinkInc
A proper villain - by Matt https://www.facebook.com/mattolsonart
Dee from Rat Queens - by Tess https://www.facebook.com/tessfowler7
You Look Nice Today - by pennyloafing
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