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Daily sketches from cartoonists Keith McCaffety, Matt Olson, Tess Fowler and Penny

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Cover art for Rat Queens #11 - by Tess https://www.facebook.com/RatQueens/posts/342341395938882
Alyssia - by Matt https://www.facebook.com/pages/InterGALactic-Alyssia/133246010045769
Pencils for “Anchor Point,” a 5-page story written by Matt Miner and illustrated by Tess for the ‘LIBERATOR’ book from Black Mask Studios http://kingsroadmerch.com/black-mask-studios/view/?id=4717&cid=1154


Four more spooooky icon commissions! I particularly like how the zombie bunny came out. :> 

Done for ANNYOAKLEY, Jimmy, and others I don’t have links for. Wheeee! 

I figure I’ll keep taking these for another week or so, feel free to read the info on them in this post

A Gahg Warrior - by Matt https://www.facebook.com/pages/InterGALactic-Alyssia/133246010045769
Penny’s Haloween 2014 avatar - by pennyloafing


****$10 Halloween Icon Commissions!!****

You get a 300x300px .png portrait of your OC or yourself similar to the ones above! Just send me a pic (clean please!) at pennycandystudios(at)gmail.com, and I will invoice you for $10. 

Paypal (USD) only! Must pay before I start drawing. If using a different email address for paypal, please note that in your email! 

Your OC or self will be transformed into a spooky character of my choosing. Vampire, ghost, mummy, werewolf, skeleton, pumpkin, etc. etc. You MAY specify if there’s anything you absolutely wouldn’t want, though. :> 

You may order multiples! Just attach whatever refs you need to your email. 

• Anything else, just ask! 


Shown above are icons for swssart, adookable, swinsea, and shawnrpryor on twitter! 

Monster baby - by Tess http://tessfowler.tumblr.com/
Environment painting, using the Surface 3 - by Matt https://www.facebook.com/mattolsonart
Lady Murasaki by pennyloafing
Conan sketch - by Tess http://tessfowler.tumblr.com/
Random sketches - by Matt https://www.facebook.com/pages/InterGALactic-Alyssia/133246010045769

RiP Richard Kiel 1939-2014


Lisa Loeb - by Tess https://www.facebook.com/tessfowler7
Obi Wan - by Matt https://www.facebook.com/mattolsonart
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